Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hanging at Home in MA with the FLM 2010

Hanging at Home in MA

We decided a few days of hanging out at the homestead was a good idea. Toure and I love our home and property and wanted to be sure TFLM had time to relax and enjoy. It is October so the plants and trees are all peaking and getting ready to call it a season.

The FLM has found one of our strawberry patches and is having fun playing in the stalks. We had a great season this year and gathered about 8 lb.

The FLM loves to play hide and seek!! She had a great time in the gardens finding places to hide. Can you see her? Do you know the names of the plants she is hiding in?

This is a

miniature white lilac tree. It blooms in the spring and smells wonderful.

The plant that looks like a bush with the pink flowers is a Mum. It starts growing in the spring but doesn't get big or bloom until the cooler weather of our fall.

The last plant has tall stalks, this is the dinner plate dahlias. This is one of my favorite plants. It is colorful and the blooms are big. I have to dig those up every year and store them in my basement for the next spring.
Here are the Buddha's of the front yard, they are playful and help to bring about a peaceful atmosphere.
Now it is time to relax on the front porch and watch the traffic pass by. We are far enough away to see things and not so close as to hear all of the noises. The FLM is in Toure's rocker, but he doesn't mind sharing. She is so sweet.
The day is winding down and the FLM has said goodnight to Amy's garden statues. She is riding the pink flamingo into the house and heading to bed. Good Night FLM!! We will see you for the next adventure.

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